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quinta-feira, junho 09, 2016

Night Guard Service launches "More visibility, better security" Project

Night Guard Service launches "More visibility, better security" Project
The Night-Guard from Praia da Luz, Council of Lagos has announced the launch of a new project on behalf of the Night Guard Association (ASPGN) entitled "More visibility, better security".
This involves the use of a high visibility fully equipped patrol vehicle, aimed at providing greater deterrence to crime, and therefore providing reassurance to both visitors and residents in the area. The main goal is to increase the sense of security of the population as well as visitors to the area.
This project was initiated by the ASPGN in 2013, and has been presented to the Government in power at the time, to Lagos City Hall, Parish of Luz, Algarve Tourism Board, Commander GNR Territorial Command Faro, and Association Safe Communities Algarve.
After "some" time of waiting and preparation, the vehicle was launched on 7th June at 1000 hrs outside Batista Supermarket, Praia da Luz.
This is supported by Safe Communities Algarve who together with the Night Guard Service held a display outside the supermarket from 1000 to 1600 hrs. The Night Guard service is approved by Mayors upon applications made by the community.
The ASPGN website is www.guarda-nocturno.blogspot.com and this includes reports of the various incidents that they dealt with and the excellent work that they do.
To find out more about the work of the Night Guard service you may contact by email at aspguardasnocturnos@gmail.com.
Residents of Praia da Luz may also contact Mr. Jose Santos the Night Guard covering that area at 964 542 462 or by email at gnluzpt@gmail.com
A feature in English concerning its work and the use of visible policing can be found here:

David Thomas
Safe Communities Portugal